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If you want to see certain vloggers who play PUBG Mobile, in the article we are going to talk about certain that you should see. In this small selection there is everything from people who do tutorials to competitive players who upload their games. First we will start with Mattsinlife. Despite being a competitive gamer, his channel is primarily clickbait and a bit of entertainment content. If you want to see certain epic games, or compilations of wins on the verge of death, it can go. 

There is also muno gaming, This Videoblogger, whose content is eminently in English, uploads compilations of his games. Like all the others, it tends to cut out the bad moves and leave only the good ones, but even so, it is a genre of content that we recommend.

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Youtubers Playing PubG Mobile

Top Vloggers Playing PubG Mobile

On YouTube you will also be able to locate Lupower, who apart from disseminating information and news about the game, apart from fulfilling challenges. It also reuploads certain live streams while playing other games, in case you like to occasionally enjoy another genre of content. 

Hardius is a Videoblogger who was on the rise. Actually, he already has five thousand subscribers, but he suddenly stopped uploading videos. For no reason at all, he stopped uploading videos. But it is a genre of content that we can advise you. 

Finally, we have another PUBG Mobile Videoblogger dedicated not to gameplay, but rather to guides. His name is AngelFlow, and he uploads all kinds of guides, tutorials, and recommendations for PUBG Mobile. If you have any questions about the functions of the settings menu, or you missed something in the game, I probably have a video clarifying it.

We hope you enjoy the content uploaded by these people, who usually spend a lot of time recording and producing videos, so that you have a high-quality piece to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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