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Without a doubt, the Vikings is the most awaited event of Coin Master, and it is that in these events you can find important benefits. The best thing is that Coin Master offers a lot of monthly events, and each of them gives you specific benefits. vikings Coin Master! when does it come out and how to win?

To qualify for the advantages that Vikingos Coin Master offers you, you must be up to date with the event. Since there is no specific schedule or precise time of it.

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When does Vikings Coin Master come out and how to win

When does Vikings Coin Master come out

The Viking Quest is one of several events in Coin Master, where the slot machine runs using coins instead of spins. It looks just like a game in the exact same Coin Master app. The difference is that apart from playing, it is mandatory to complete a route of one mission. As you complete them, you gradually receive more rewards.

To unlock the Coin Master Vikings event, you must reach village fifty and have acquired a lot of coins. These are necessary to be able to participate and win the prizes. The Viking mission can last thirty minutes, and even hours.

There is no way to know when each Viking mission in Coin Master comes out, since the developers notify it practically exactly on the same day of the event. For this reason, you must be aware of the official social networks of Coin Master and the notifications you receive from the application.

Vikings quest rewards

Coin Master Vikings quest rewards include amazing rewards. In this mission you can win barrels of coins, chests of all categories, bags full of free spins and purple potion bottles. Another fantastic reward, which you can collect with the coveted gold cards.

As long as you participate in this event and earn coins, absolutely no one will be able to steal them in looting, since they will be protected for three minutes after each spin.

In Vikings Coin Master, you can earn up to thirty-five million coins. But the only way to win is by getting three Viking helmets on the machine with one of the spins.

How to win the Vikings Mission in Coin Master

To win Vikings from Coin Master, you must have a high sum of coins saved that will allow you to make spins throughout the event. This is because the goals established by the mission involve making a specific number of rolls until you earn coins and pass levels. The demands throughout the event are going to be much higher, as the rewards earned are worth it.

It is advisable that throughout the event you spend few coins and as you advance in level, you increase your bets. This way you will have more chances to win the mission and take the rewards rewards.

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