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Coin Master events with a great opportunity to win fantastic prizes and juicy rewards. There is no doubt that many of the necessary resources to advance in Coin Master are obtained in the events. Certain events are quite competitive, that is, as you progress, your reward will be greater. So stay tuned for upcoming Coin Master events.

Participate in upcoming events Coin Master, and win fantastic rewards, which let you progress successfully.

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Upcoming Coin Master Events

What are Coin Master Events

Coin Master events are activities where players can progressively stack up rewards, earning coins and free spins. Certain events offer you incredible discounts on the elements needed to build or prosper your village.

Other Coin Master events offer a high sum of coins as a prize, but this can change depending on the event and the level you achieve. Similarly, there is an event where you can win up to a thousand free spins, but only if you manage to finish it.

Most popular events

Coin Master offers an extensive list of events, in which you can earn valuable rewards.

Viking Mission

In this event you will not use rolls to gain resources, you only need the game's coins. In this event you must fulfill one missions. The coins you win in this event will be protected for a period of three minutes after each spin.


This multiplayer event consists of competing with other Coin Master users until you reach the number one position, this guarantees you better prizes.

Gift Master

In this event, you can purchase bundles of coins or spins. For this, it is necessary to go to the free gift icon. Here you will receive coins, spins, benefits for your pets and the fantastic chests, where you will find incredible rewards.

Village Mania

It offers you great discounts on items in your village. The discounts are between two percent and sixty-five percent.

Coin madness

While coin madness is active, the coins you earn in the game will multiply as attacks and attacks. As long as the slots button is gold, you will be active in the event.

Sea of 鈥嬧媐ortune

This event consists of participating in a minigame, which is a reward from other events.

When are the next Coin Master events going to be?

The events of Coin Master, in general, appear in a surprising way, that is, they do not have a specific schedule. But if you want to stay informed, follow these tips:

  • Activate Coin Master emails, since that way, you will receive notifications of events.
  • Follow Coin Master on their social networks, the developers are in constant communication with the users.
  • Open the game at least once a day, apart from receiving rewards, it will keep you informed of any news.

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