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People who play to play the role of "troll" in any game for video consoles are users who are not very loved by the gaming community. But if your goal in the game is to have a really good time while enjoying the full PubG Mobile experience and you don't want to take the game to heart when it comes to matches or ranking, we'll help you annoy other players by creating troll names. for PUBG Mobile.

Trolls are considered toxic players with offensive behavior in any game, while normal users focus on the game and take the game very seriously, trolls try to ruin the game for them. This happens in any game regardless of the platform, from mobile devices to PC you will find many trolls. Not everything in the life of a gamer is to take each and every one of the real games, it is possible that some create humorous content about PubG Mobile and you find it in a game, it is true that we can avoid them, but always and in all circumstance will continue in any game.

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Troll Names for PubG Mobile 

Best Troll Names for PubG Mobile

Sometimes the drawback of troll names is that they are somewhat offensive, so it is somewhat difficult to put them without the game not banning them. Most of the games have a filter in which they can detect toxic names, so you have to be very careful when it comes to the originality of your troll name. It is essential that you take this kind of names for secondary accounts, since carrying out this kind of toxic behavior can permanently ban your account.

Remember that apart from having fun you must respect the goals of the other players, so you must be careful when trolling if you don't want to lose your account. We invite you to these troll names for PubG Mobile: 

  • Kick Q-los
  • Gil Idelto
  • Komemi Bala
  • Topics Annoying
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