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The BP (better known as Battlegrounds Points) are those points with which we can measure our performance for each game. It is a point system that has been incorporated since the beginning of the saga of PubG Mobile so that people strive to give their best in each and every game.

This scoring system is quite fair and detailed, each and every one of the actions you carry out in a game will be taken into account for the battleground points. The bp are of the utmost importance in the game, with them we can also demand different rewards, so you need to practice a lot in PubG Mobile to achieve high BP scores. You can earn bp in this shooter by performing these kinds of actions on the battlefield: 

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How to Get BP in PubG Mobile

Como Lograr Battlegrounds Points and PubG Mobile

You can get two BP for the kill of an opponent, an assist, or an opponent who has been significantly damaged. If you are the winner of a single match, you can earn XNUMX BP, this is the best way to reward a match because battle royale is a tough game mode and you need to earn a lot of merits to win.

On the other hand, if you play in teams of 4 members or in a duo, the rewards will be lower due to the fact that the BP points will be distributed, in a duo you will be able to earn four hundred BP while in a team you will only earn to be able to make you own two hundred BP. It can be noted that this is only in score per victory, beyond what you can stack in kills, make sure you are a marked player in the game and dangerous, so that you can get many kills and earn more BP points. 

With the BP you will be able to acquire boxes that will allow you to get different rewards in the game. These sacred chests help us to achieve skins and better clothing for our character. For each box you buy weekly, its cost doubles, that is, if the first box cost you seven hundred BP, the second could cost you fourteen hundred BP, until the weekly reset

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