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If we talk about management and strategy, Rise of Kingdoms is a game in which these two factors abound. In addition to this, you can enjoy cyclical events in which you can entertain yourself and get countless rewards. If you want to know what is the lost kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms, and the things you need to win it, we explain it to you now. 

The Lost Kingdom is a map that can be accessed from time to time to participate in an event called KvK, in which eight kingdoms fight each other to win. If you have played Age of Empires, it may sound a bit familiar to you. But if not, keep in mind that it is a war simulation. You will be able to participate in a fight for resources and terrain in which you will have to use your head a lot. 

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The Lost Kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

The Lost Kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

This event takes place over fifty days, in which you will be able to plan well, and you will restart your progress from scratch. In the end, everyone will be resettled, but for now, you'll have to participate in the event. 

In addition to this, the game is intelligent, because depending on the progress you make throughout the first stage, it will match you with people whose kingdom is similar in attack power to yours. Of course, it makes sense because they can't put newbies with people who are already quite trained in the game. 

Then, the moment of the fight arrives, where you must take advantage of each and every one of the resources you have collected to apply them all the way. Here it will be defined who gets the land and who fails. Try not to do anything that is not premeditated. Remember that the fundamental thing here is the strategy, and doing things without thinking is not one of these. 

Finally, you must decide to choose some good commanders. We invite you to get the ones with healing ability, and match them with one that strengthens the defense of your troops. This is going to make them insurmountable, and even more so when apart from defense, the attack is improved. 

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