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PUBG Mobile is one of those games whose quality invites you to improve the way you live the experience it offers. This means that playing it with the best graphics doesn't become just another alternative, but rather something that yes or yes you should try. If you are looking for a phone to play PUBG Mobile, in this guide we are going to show you a selection of phones that stand out a lot for their quality and cost. In addition to this, we are going to close the discussion of which is the best cell phone to play PUBG Mobile

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The Best Phone to Play PubG Mobile

The best mobile to play PubG Mobile

First we will start with one that you can get in the market for less than one hundred and forty US dollars. This is the Umidigi A11 pro. It is a phone with one hundred and twenty-eight GB of storage and four GB of ram. You can run the game in HD quality at sixty fps. Another one that we can recommend is the OnePlus XNUMX Pro. With one GB of ram and a storage of two hundred and fifty-six, the one hundred and twenty Hz screen of this phone will allow you to play PUBG Mobile at high graphics, whatever the conditions. in which you find yourself. 

Another phone that we can talk about quite well is the Samsung Galaxy S21. It was to be expected that one of the most commercial brands on the planet is on this list, but we must accept that the quality and cost ratio of this is not as high as we affirm. 

IF we are sure of something, it is that the best gaming phone of the moment is the Asus ROG Phone five. It is a mobile developed particularly to play. Literally every feature on this phone is focused on enhancing everyone's gaming experience. From the audio to the visual part, passing through the sensory.

In short, the best cell phone to play PUBG Mobile right now is the Asus ROG Phone 16. It has 300GB of ram, XNUMXGB of storage, and a XNUMXHz AMOLED screen. In addition to this, it has touch triggers. All for a cost of nine hundred and seventy-eight euros.

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