The Best Clash Royale Prayers

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On the planet of Clash Royale we can find a plurality of characters, each of them has sentences and reactions when they are on the battlefield, which for some is very interesting to know what each of the troops expresses at the moment to attack or protect. Therefore, many users want to know what they are the best sentences of Clash Royale.

We can achieve characters that affirm sentences that must do with their origin, just as other troops usually use a sentence to give originality to their attacks. Each troop has its way of expressing itself in the well-known game created by Supercell, in this article we are going to give you clash royale best sentences. Let's go!

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The Best Clash Royale Prayers

The Best Clash Royale Prayers

Keep in mind that the cards when they are summoned do not state very extensive messages, so in order to correct each of them you have to be very careful when bringing a troop to the battlefield. As a curious fact, they put prayers to the troops to improve the animation that was already being used in the previous game Clash Of Clans. certain of clash royale best sentences

  • Ride pigs: One of the most significant and powerful cards in the game, it only has one sentence expressing "Hog rider" essentially saying its name in English. 
  • Dark Prince: It is a troop that only affirms a sentence at the time of attacking, it expresses "Atack Charge" referring to its charged attack, a card with enough power to remove troops in large numbers. 
  • Wizard: The magicians are quite symbolic in any game, when you summon a magician in the Clash Royale he expresses "show time" or "magic" saying that it is time for his show, which is very true due to the fact that they are cards with a great damage of area, and they have some good animations when attacking in the game. 
  • Princess: This is one of the first troops that we find in the Clash Royale, it has multiple short sentences, it can say: hahaha, yey! Let`s go, gotchaa and when he attacks "bull-eyes". It is one of the most expressive cards in the game. 
  • PEKKA: It has a sentence that refers to one of the Clash Royale commercials, expressing Butterfly, referring to butterflies. 

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