Super Troops Clash of Clans

En Clash of Clans you can find a huge variety of troops, focused on different stages of combat. To give an example, troops that only attack ground opponents, others that only target aerial opponents and those that focus on both types of opponent. 

But in these categories we can find the super troops. Super Troops are an upgrade to the normal troops that Supercell implemented to give him greater plurality in the Clash of Clans at the moment of attacking, thus preventing the attacks from becoming very repetitive and there being different strategies. 

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Super Troops Clash of Clans

Super Troops Clash of Clans

The super troops It is a buff that your troops receive, which gives them unique abilities for a certain time. At the end of this time your troops will have a seven-day cooldown, in which you will not be able to use them, but you will be able to buff other units instead. It is for this reason that it is necessary to carry out a more complete strategy and not so focused on spending the best units in an instant. Due to the fact that you will not have the ability to make better attacks throughout the time that your troops are on cooldown. 

Currently the list of super troops in clash of clans continues to expand, so don't be surprised that when reading this article there are already new units. But while here we are going to show you the current super troops. 

  • Supergiant: the super giant when he acquires his singular ability is capable of causing more damage and returning a tank that absolutely nobody stops, including the walls, which devastate them without mercy. 
  • Super barbarian: These have the unique ability to be super fast and have increased damage over eight seconds, offering quite resistant and strong troops in battle. 
  • Super Valkyrie: The Valkyrie's signature ability allows her to give a signature buff to nearby allies when she dies in battle, granting her a rage spell. Therefore, now the positioning of the Valkyrie is going to be essential in battles. 
  • Super Wall Breaker: They will carry on their backs a super bomb that will do x40 more damage than the normal bomb. With this unit there is no wall to hold your bombs. 
  • Super witch: It is one of the best units with unique ability, as it replaces its skeletons with a single giant skeleton with unparalleled destructive power. He will take care of killing all your opponents on your way.
  • Super sneaky goblin: Clash of Clans Thieves also have a huge secret ability, which is that they are invisible to defenses for the first five seconds. We already see goblins stealing resources like crazy.

These changes have given the game a huge breather and have fed strategies to its competitive version, so we think there will be clash of clans for a long time. 

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you understand a little more how the super troops on the planet of clash of clans. We recommend that you read our articles related to the planet of clash of clans, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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