Strange Cards Coin Master

Coin Master strange cards give you incredible benefits in the short, medium and long term in the game. You can collect sets of strange cards that allow you to acquire coin spins, which represent a good profit.

The degrees of strangeness of the cards are different, and go according to their value. For them these strange letters Coin Master They are still classified. We can highlight that strange cards are one of the objects that appear in the game less frequently.

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Strange Cards Coin Master

What are the strange cards Coin Master for?

Coin Master strange cards, you find them in the chests you win for each finished mission, or attack another player's village.

As you well know, these cards are classified according to their type. At the beginning of the game, you will get only basic cards, and as you progress you will be able to get the gold cards. These are the rarest cards in the game, and can only be obtained through golden chests. You can acquire these chests by paying a high sum of coins.

The most advisable thing is to collect these cards until you have the complete game, and then be able to exchange them for fantastic prizes.

How to get the strange cards of Coin Master

To achieve these cards in Coin Master you have to be persevering and patient, since they will not always come out on the first try.

It should be noted that chests and friends are essential to achieve these rare Coin Master cards. However, certain cards may come to you as a gift.

Through your friends, you will be able to achieve certain contributions such as the exchange of strange letters and recommendations on the strategies to obtain them.

These cards apart from being quite difficult to find, their value is varied, and they are located in different villages. You can get these cards in different ways:

  • Buying chests with in-game coins
  • Buy the cards from your friends, or exchange them
  • Entering Facebook Sets

Weirdest Coin Master Cards

Coin Master rare cards can be identified by the number of stars they have and the color. It can be said that the strangest cards are the gold ones and the white ones. The 3 strangest cards to achieve are Hotrod, Archey Cap and Pig Knight, and due to their level of strangeness they have a value of one Martian lettuce.

Other rare Coin Master cards are:

  • Crusader or Crusader
  • Blizz or Lightning
  • Model Z
  • Lucky
  • Spooky
  • St.
  • Water boiler
  • Aztec Princess
  • Smoking pipe
  • Screeching Raven

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