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PUBG Mobile, being an online game, requires a sufficiently fluid connection so that the exchange of information is not interrupted at any time. If a message repeatedly appears saying that the server is not responding, right here we are going to show how to solve it. The communication between the servers PUBG Mobile and your phone plays an essential role in the development of the game. This is a process that happens on both sides. 

So, the server sends and downloads the information it receives from your phone, and vice versa. When the message that indicates that the server is not responding is displayed, it means that your phone has been unable to download a data package that it has sent. It is true that to fix this error you do not need a software solution. This means that there is no magic trick in order to speed up your internet and give you enough connection to run the game smoothly. 

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Server Not Responding PubG Mobile

Error: Server Not Responding PubG Mobile

The solution lies in the acquisition of new equipment. Hiring a service from internet distributors that allow you a sufficiently high connection speed so that this does not happen. Although you can also try restarting the wi-fi and mobile data, turning off the perfect data and battery saving mode, apart from playing games with the newly charged phone. But as we have told you, it will not make a very big difference. 

The best thing then would be that you seek an internet of at least one megabytes. This is enough to run the game at less than a hundred ms. In addition to this, it lets you download each and every one of the game data without inconvenience and without interruption. 

If none of these tips work then restart your phone. Surely the inconvenience is in a program causing conflict in the internal algorithms of the processor. 

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