Roblox : Codes Anime Tappers (FĂ©vrier 2022)

Find a list of all the codes available on the Roblox Anime Tappers game allowing you to recover Pets, Taps and Yens for free. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you to win 800 Robux (10 euros) on the Discord server of our partner Roblox France.

Codes Anime Anime Tappers

The various lists list all of the codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Anime tappers. These codes allow you to recover Pets, Taps, also called Coins, as well as Yens for free and quickly.

If some of the codes offered are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.

Anime Tappers Active Codes

  • 10 minutes de x3 Taps (Coins) → X3TAPANESE (New)
  • 10 minutes d'Ultra LUCK â†’ ULTRADUCKY
  • 14 Taps (Coins) and 000 Yen → DUNGEONS
  • 5 minutes de Super LUCK → LUCKYDUCKY
  • 824 Yens → YEN
  • 1373 Yens → YUMMYYEN
  • 8 Taps (Coins) and 397 Yen → UPDATE6
  • 14 Taps (Coins) and 000 Yen → SAO
  • 10 minutes de Super LUCK → LUCK
  • 10 minutes x3 Yen → UPDATED
  • 1 x Pet Purps (Ectoplasm) → RAGE
  • 220 Taps (Coins) and 63 Yen → AOGIRITREE
  • 1 x Creepy Pet Juzo → JUZO
  • 250 Yens → SAIYAN
  • 250 Taps (Coins) and 25 Yen → HALLOWEEN
  • 1 x Ghost Slider → GHOST
  • 900 Taps (Coins) → POWERUP
  • 1 x Pet Gon Freecss → FEAR
  • 1 x Pet Zenitsu endormi → SLEEPY
  • 500 Taps (Coins) and 25 Yen → TITAN
  • 350 Taps (Coins) and 15 Yen → ONEPIECE
  • 1 x Pet Gon adulte â†’ NOFEAR
  • 1 x Pet Rock Lee → BRAWL
  • 1 x Pet ToadBoi → TOADBOI
  • 1000 Taps (Coins) → RELEASE

Anime Tappers Expired Codes

  • No Anime Tappers codes are expired.

How to redeem codes in Anime Tappers?

If you want to activate codes on Anime Tappers, in order to recover some resources quickly and for free, in particular Coins and Yens, you only have to click on the "Twitter" button, present on the left of your screen. From then on, you should see appear, in the middle of your screen, an orange window, called "Twitter", in which there is a gray field.
Roblox : Codes Anime Tappers (FĂ©vrier 2022) Roblox : Codes Anime Tappers (FĂ©vrier 2022)
You will then only have to inform one of the many codes present in the list above, before pressing the blue “CLAIM” button. Of course, you can only enterone and only code at a time and repeat this action as many times as necessary and collect the Pets, Yens and Taps that will allow you to improve in Anime Tappers.

Anime Tappers, what is it?

Anime tappers was launched on September 7, 2021 by UFO Developments studio. Inspired by major Japanese manga titles such as One Piece, Dragon Ball or Naruto, Anime Tappers will allow you to explore a gigantic world where many fights against bosses from popular anime will be offered. Of course, during these fights, you will not be alone since Pets will be able to help you become better and much more powerful. However, remember that Yen and Taps, as well as Pets, are rare and important resources, so feel free to use the codes Anime Tappers available in the list at the top of this guide.

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