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If you want to unlock extra items in PUBG Mobile to help you upgrade your arsenal and have more customizable skins, then this article is going to be really useful for you. Today we are going to show you the procedure that you must follow, apart from the access key of the pumpkin box in PUBG Mobile

The first thing you should do is go to the enigmatic memories event. Here is a kind of easter egg, in which you have to press the pumpkin that is now on the screen. Here it will tell you that it is a locked box, and that an access code is required to open it. The code cannot be entered as well to get the reward. The game needs to warn you to register certain actions before proceeding with the exchange. First you must access the message box of the same event, where you will see different notifications. 

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Password Pumpkin Box PubG Mobile

Password Pumpkin Box PubG Mobile

Here take your time to read each of them. This can help you understand the lore somewhat, due to the fact that there are some messages that are made somewhat attractive. Certain cards are going to have capital letters separated by dots, and these may be just the passcode you need. Finally, the code that works is PUBGMOBILE, in uppercase and all pasted. This will give you a box coupon as a gift. We all know the theft that these are, that promise all kinds of rewards and when you open them, they give you the worst gifts. 

However, this one is unique. It is one of the few boxes that can give a player who has not paid anything in the game, an exclusive reward. We hope this information has been useful to you. Remember to activate this code as soon as you can, since it is a limited time event that will disappear soon, and you must exchange it when you can to get the PUBG Mobile pumpkin box.

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