Psyonik Biomutant, recommended build and overview

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Our articles on Biomutant Psyonik Biomutant, recommended build and presentation Find in this guide the best build for the Psyonik class in Biomutant.

Biomutant is finally available since Tuesday, May 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Within this Action-RPG, you will be able to choose a class and a species for your character.

Among these classes are the Passion who is a character who will be ideal if you want to play with a class with special powers.

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What is the best build for Psyonik in Biomutant?

The Psyonik is a purely ranged class who will do good damage thanks to his "magical powers". Like all classes in the game, it will have a basic bonus called " Brain and which allows your character gain an additional 20% ki regeneration bonus.

For the best build, we have two to offer. The first will rely purely on your powers and therefore intelligence and here is what we recommend.

  • SPECIES : Fip
  • Main stat : Intelligence
  • biogenics : Toxic Bile
  • Psi Powers : Rash, Freeze

As for the second build, you can go for a hybrid version of the Psyonik with a ranged weapon of your choice you are looking to maximize quickly and the following basis:

  • SPECIES : Rex
  • Main statistics : Intelligence, Agility, Vitality
  • biogenics : Toxic Bile
  • Psi Powers : Blink, Levitate, Freeze

At track level for your character as you can see, we recommend you to choose the light one for both builds to unlock the Freeze mutation which is unlockable with 6 Psi Points and 10 Light Aura.

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