Overpowered Akimbo Double Barrel Meta Completed in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

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Earlier this year, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard players found themselves in lobbies dominated by Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns and begged developers Raven Software to release a balance update.

Following tremendous outcry from gamers, the developers finally caved on January 20. They released a major nerf to the damage of the Akimbo Double Barrel shotgun, ultimately killing the dreaded "Double Barrel" meta.

While many players celebrated the change in weapon balance, others who relied heavily on building to boost their K/D scores are screaming in pain. So, naturally, gamers took to Reddit to express their joy at "seeing such bad and toxic gamers finally get shut down."

The Double Barrel Shotgun Meta Is Dead In COD Vanguard

The Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun meta in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is no longer. (Photo: Activision)

Reddit user Kalashcocknov posted to the COD Vanguard subreddit, revealing how "hilarious" it is for them to see "all the bad players" who relied on broken battleguns and the meta-scream at double barrel in their matches.

"They're crying on Twitter, they're crying on Reddit, and they're mostly crying in-game [...] It brings me great joy," the user wrote.

Another user shared Kalashcocknov's sentiment. “I must admit I had fun with how easy it was to run and kill. But I won't miss it if it makes the game better overall,” they said. A third said the 'shotty spam' needed to stop but admitted it was 'a bit funny'.

Interestingly, 'trash' players who relied on the Double Barrel meta seemingly left without a trace or silent. It's probably because they buried their faces amid the crackdown on their beloved meta.

Players who relied on the Double Barrel meta are nowhere to be found. (Photo: Activision)

“I think most of them are uninstalled. But I see 300 levels that can't aim,” said another Reddit user. Another user recounted encountering a player who used to shoot them down with the shotguns.

"I kept running into the guys using the shotguns and mannnnnnnn (sic) did I have a field day with them," the user said. "[I] kept telling them 'I remember you used to shit on me with the shotgun all last week', [but] not a word came out of it (sic) mouth,” they added.

With the Double Barrel shotgun meta finally dead, we can only hope the developers will appropriate their resources to tackle the boat loaded with other issues that are wrong with the game.

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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