New Pokémon Snap: How to Crack Mew and Complete Myth of the Jungle Request

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New Pokémon Snap is the latest game in the Pokémon franchise. A Nintendo Switch exclusive, the game is a sequel to Nintendo 64's Pokémon Snap, and which sees players tasked with taking pictures of the Pokémon that inhabit the world.

There are over 200 Pokemon in the game and 12 Legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokémon are rarer, harder to break, and therefore more popular.

Mew is, of course, one of those. The Generation 1 Pokemon is known to those with only a passing knowledge of lore and finding and capturing it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.

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Here's how you can do it.

Finding Mew

Mew spawns in the Lental region, in the Founja Jungle map, at night, and in level 2 research.

(Photo: Nintendo)

Mew will only appear once you complete the main story mission.

Once in the jungle, you'll see a purple orb floating around 473ur, pointing your camera at it, won't reveal a Pokemon's name but just "???" ".

(Photo: BeardBear)

Play some music and throw a stuffed fruit at it and keep taking pictures, after hitting Mew three times they will appear in the ancient ruins.

(Photo: BeardBear)

There are a few more photo opportunities, once you're done, exit the search. You should have a number of four star photos. You'll also have access to a new "Jungle Myth" request from Todd, which will task you with capturing a photo of Mew eating a fluffruit (It's the fruit that looks very like an apple).

Answer the Jungle Myth Query

If you've completed the above step, Mew will now also spawn during the day, and if you enter Founja Jungle Level 3 during the day, you won't see them flying around for long.

You'll need to have your smarts about you though, as Mew flies fast, keeping an eye out for them is essential so you don't lose sight of her.

There are plenty of moments to capture great shots of Mew, but there's only one time you can capture her eating a fluffy fruit.

This happens shortly after passing a mountain ledge where a Liepard is.

(Photo: BeardBear)

As you follow Mew down to ground level they will stop and look towards flowers on the ground, at this point will throw a flufffruit near the followers which should get Mew's attention who will pick it up and eat it.

(Photo: BeardBear)

At this point, detach!

(Photo: BeardBear)

You will know you are successful because you will be praised for your good technique by Todd. You can now exit research, open your LenTalk device, and complete the quest with Todd.

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