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As we could already see in our other articles, names for brawl stars for women y names for Brawl Stars for pros, today it's time, funny names. Those that when you enter the game make you smile, perhaps shy, sometimes because of the name, and others more cheerful because you consider that people's inventiveness has no limit. 

Although, we remember that we do not support any name that has reference or insinuates racial hatred, religion, or that is directly offensive to any community. We know that there is a long list of funny name that we can all use in game What a pleasure it would be to win with a funny name so that your opponent remembers forever that degradation against you. 

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Funny Brawl Stars Names

Funny Brawl Stars Names

  • SoyLaPo ...
  • MeMetiConTuMama.
  • She does not love you.
  • Boygood2010.
  • Homeboy.
  • RosaMel.
  • Darryl Jose.
  • MeDicenBull.
  • Against you. 
  • Your mom.
  • Can not be.
  • God.
  • Christ.
  • The holy spirit.
  • Tutaxiboy.
  • Your lover.
  • I am your.
  • I was with you.

As we can see the list is long, but inventiveness is appreciated. Guaranteed laughs for you, for your teammates and very surely for your opponents, that at the moment they try to curse you for a huge move you make... They will not be able to do it or yes, it will depend on each person. 

How to change your name in brawl stars

When creating your account for the first time, you will have to assign a name to your user. You will be able to change this name once, from free, upon reaching level five in the game. 

Later you will have to pay with gems for any name change you want to make. For this reason, it is essential that you choose well, since the spend euros just changing name, does not seem to us a quite adequate rule to follow. 

Another fundamental rule is do not use offensive names or with racist or demeaning references to part of the population. Always and in all circumstances remember that your name represents you and as such you must give a good image with it. 

  • Now for change your name You will have to follow the next steps: 
  • You should go to the main menu, at the top left. Your username will appear with an icon next to it. 
  • You press there, then on your behalf. You will alter it to your liking and that's it. 
  • Within the same menu you will be able to change the color, in the section that states 'name color'. You press it and choose the one of your preference. You can try them or directly select the one of your preference. The difference is that you will be able to do this as many times as you want, while your name cannot.

If yours are not the pro names, but rather, the funny ones, here we bring you a small list with certain names that we consider very funny, although you know that this is subjective. Simply reference names, you are in charge of finding one that sticks with you the most, or that you consider funny. But without further ado, let's start the list of funny brawl names.

We hope that this article has served you and you can choose a funny name for yourself from brawl stars. We recommend that you continue reading our items related to the planet of brawl stars, like many other games on our official website. 

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