Maximum Level of Clash Royale Cards

We all know that Clash Royale is always constantly changing. And it is that the Supercell game must continue to find its place among new players who prefer the cards before the throws of Fortnite. Therefore, it is facilitating certain of its mechanics, among those that are card levels.

This is something that has undoubtedly caught the attention of more experienced players, but it opens the doors wide to those who try Clash Royale for the first time. And it is that Legendary cards are now more legendary than ever. If you want to know the maximum card level Clash Royale Continue reading this article that we have arranged for you!

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Maximum Level of Clash Royale Cards

Maximum Level of Clash Royale Cards

Until the moment in the last update of Clash royale it has been determined that the maximum level of cards in this game is one point. In addition, the cards have a level called 'star' which will allow the cards to be improved further beyond the level one of the game.

Well, remember that the star levels of the cards can only be progressed three times. Even so, it should be kept in mind that the levels of the cards change according to their quality, since the common ones are 12 level, the singular level one, epic seven, legendary four with similar costs, but with a very, very different system.

The idea is to make a novice player understand that the Knight card at level 1 it is not as powerful as the Prince's at level one. However, this does not mean that the system for leveling up a card has changed. You still need the same number of cards of a type and exactly the same amount of gold as before, the only thing that changes the level system.

Common cards range from level 1 to one. The strange ones start at level three, since they are more powerful and their strangeness is greater, but they also end at level one. Epic cards, on the other hand, start at level six and go up to level one. Finally, the cards legendary go from level nine to 13.

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