Letters That Can Be Used in PubG Mobile

To understand what letters can be used in PUBG Mobile, you must first learn about certain computer science things. This will not only work now, but also in other games with the ability to change the nick. Read on to learn how to use letters in PUBG Mobile.

If you have tried to change your name using strange letters, you may have noticed that the game does not accept this type of characters. This is because by default, PUBG Mobile solo supports basic ASCII codes. 

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Letters That Can Be Used in PubG Mobile

What are the letters that can be used in PubG Mobile

If you are wondering what ASCII is, we will tell you now in the simplest way possible. If you didn't know, your computer doesn't know how to read the letters you write with, but converts them into numbers and then processes them. 

Basic ASCII characters are any and all numbers, mathematical symbols, and upper and lower case letters. It is a system that relates one hundred and twenty-seven characters with numbers, to be analyzed by computer. 

This is why you can't put any kind of font in the text field of PUBG Mobile, because it gives you the error that it has many characters. This is because the developers do not want to have any kind of bug in the development of the game related to the way player names are spelled. They intend to keep it pretty basic.

Mainly due to the fact that the game is famous among people who speak English, and who do not understand singular characters, such as accented letters or strange signs. 

However, you can cheat the system. If you use one of the characters that we are going to leave you now in your Nick, and you spam the confirm button from the name change menu, you will be able to see how you can use unique characters in PUBG Mobile without any inconvenience, making it look more attractive. 

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