Know your Clash Royale Chests

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The account of Clash Royale  has shared a page through which users can see when the next chest of each class is going to touch them. But, despite the fact that said page was spread by them, it is not from Supercell. With this great idea you only have to put your player code in the search engine, in the upper left part. You can find the code in the game itself, under your alias in the profile.

¡Know your chests Clash Royale! But… In what way? Since simple! You just have to continue reading this new article that we have prepared specifically for lovers of this sensational free game. What are you waiting for to know your chest? Let's go!

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Know your Clash Royale Chests

Know your Clash Royale Chests

For, know your clash royale chests You just have to put your player code in the search engine, at the top left, which is located in your profile. Once everything is done, the page offers a series of statistics about the Clash Royale account, very similar to those offered by the game. The most interesting thing is at the bottom of the web, where you will be able to see the rotation of chests.

In addition to seeing the chests that are going to touch you most immediately, you can also see the most outstanding list, as is the case with the Legendary chest or the Mega Lightning. Each and every chest will have a number below it, reflecting the number of chests you must unlock before it appears on rotation.

On the other hand, on the web there are peculiarities such as a tournament section, a section to learn more in-depth card statistics or a cdeck builder, which is really cool, because you can enter your build simply by entering the player code. You also have an area to see the most popular cards, the best players and the best clans and a section dedicated to Decks, where you can get ideas to try new things.

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