How to Watch the Last Game of PubG Mobile

For those who love replays, history and great matches, and everyone who wants to see a play that they liked in the perfect Battle Royale mode, it is good to report that PUBG Mobile has included a replay function that allows you to access the great moments you have had in the game. Today you are going to learn how to watch the latest game of PUBG Mobile.

The developers of PUBG Mobile they are always aware of the feedback from the community, not only to be able to see if the game is going well, but also to determine what could be improved and what other features could be added. Players have been asking for a long time to reiterate their games, in order to save their best moments. 

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How to Watch the Last Game of PubG Mobile

How to Watch the Last Game of PubG Mobile

That is why, in a recent update, the game adds the feature of being able to save up to two reiterations, in which everything that happens within a radius of 1 kilometer around the point from which it is recorded will be shown, that is, . In the case of having this alternative activated, you will be able to access the reiterations at the end of each game. 

And not only that, but you can also pan the camera so that everything you see isn't just from your perspective. Now you have a spectator mode that allows you to be in the place you want. If you are a streamer or a content creator, this could be quite appealing to you. 

Unfortunately, this alternative is only available for the PC version of the game. If you are one of the players of the mobile version, we can advise you to record the games you have. To save resources and batteries, you can start counting from the moment you start in the top fifty. This will let you be calmer, and more likely to save memorable moments when playing PUBG Mobile

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