How to View your Stats in Apex Legends

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How are you going to know? Apex Legends it does not show by default in any of its controls or methods, any of the statistics. If you are looking for how to see your statistics in Apex Legendsthen this guide is the one for you. We talked about such basic things, and that could make the game even more interesting. We all want to know, for example, the number of shots we have fired, or the number of games we have played.

There are even those who want to know how far they have traveled. Although, this is possible in other shooters, to do it from Apex, you will need to access third-party programs. This third-party program is quite easy, for which you will only need to know your nickname. More nothing, you should not look for any kind of extra requirement, much less pay. 

There are other sites that offer the same thing, but much less optimized, and less complete, of course. For this reason, it is better to use the one that is free and that is quite good.

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How to View Your Stats in Apex Legends

How to View Your Stats in Apex Legends

This program is for experienced people. If you finish starting to play, it will not show you anything due to the lack of information. It has a minimum game requirement to be able to have the analysis tool. The only thing you have to be sure of is that, as it is a third-party app, it does not have full access to game statistics, such as the number of hours played or even the distance traveled. 

All you have to do is enter this link, where they will ask you what platform you play on. You do not need to choose a specific one, since in each and every way Nick's search engine is going to find yours and the platform on which you play. Finally, enter your username and you will have access to each and every one of the statistics that it can offer. The platform will show you the current rank, level and in addition to this, the number of deaths and the use of each victor. You will also have access to a summary of the recent games in which you have fought. 

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