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There are people on the planet who are confused by the statistics, the repetitions, to serve as an example, in soccer games and video pieces to remember. If this is your case, then you may be interested to know how to see replays in PUBG Mobile. 

PUBG Mobile always and in all circumstances it has been characterized by being an enormously competitive game, with a huge range of possibilities due to the difficulty of the maps. These are made up of vouchers, leafy areas and high areas that mean that in each and every game there is something that differentiates it from the rest. This means not only that there are moments that are impossible to repeat, but also that each one of them is also something to accumulate. Winning a game on the brink of death, and then recovering from being swallowed by the zone, isn't something that happens every single day. 

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How to View PubG Mobile Replays

How to View PubG Mobile Replays

One of the many updates that the game has had was created around this functionality, in order to improve it and that those who enjoy the game learn to use and master it. This function allows you to still have two saved games. On the other hand, it not only records the player's point of view, but also saves each and every one of the actions that occur within a radius of a thousand meters with respect to the player's location. This achieves an ability to see the game like never before. 

Unfortunately, this only came out in the heaviest version of the game, for computers. The mobile version of the game was left out of the picture in the development of this feature, but there is a way to save your games without requiring PUBG Mobile to do so. It will sound obvious, but recording your screen the moment you're in the top thirty is one thing you should start incorporating whenever you want to see the replays in PUBG Mobile. Not starting from the beginning of the game will not only save you storage, but it will also increase the probability of capturing a moment that you want to remember.

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