How to View Ping in PubG Mobile

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Ping is the delay between the server and , and determines how early you see interactions in the game. If you want to learn how to see the ping in PUBG Mobile, then we will assist you with this doubt.

In case you didn't know, ping is the game's way of measuring how fast you receive information. When another player moves, this interaction has to be recorded on the server and updated for each and every connected device. So a high ping value means that the information takes too long to update. 

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How to View Ping in PubG Mobile

How to View Ping in PubG Mobile

To see the ping in PUBG Mobile you need to be in a game, although you can also do it from the main menu. From the server settings, or by looking in the lower left panel, next to the connection icon. IF this does not work, then it means that the game has been updated so that the value is not taught. 

In this case, you will have to resort to free options on the Internet. Ping-test is one of them. This browser application allows you to measure the speed of your Internet, such as latency, which in this case would be the same as ping. To use it, just go to google and search for So, click on the first option that is not an ad. To use it, press start or start, and the site will do a test that takes about a minute, in which it will give you the value of the ping, the speed of downloading and uploading your Internet. 

And this is what the ping for PUBG Mobile looks like, although it works in a general way. This website is unique due to the fact that it also rates your connection capacity from 1 to XNUMX, taking into account sites, low and high quality streaming, video calls and online games. 

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