How to View Ping in Apex Legends

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The insecurity of knowing what your PING is when playing Apex Legends or any other game is great. As many know, the PING is the amount that indicates the response time of your internet speed. In other words, the lower the response time, your internet speed is considerably higher, which will allow you to play peacefully without worrying about the unbearable and annoying LAG. In this article, we are going to teach you how to see the PING indicator in Apex Legends, to know how stable your connection is.

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How to View Ping in Apex Legends

How to View Ping in Apex Legends

To contrast the PING and track it in the game you will have to carry out the following steps that we indicate here on this website:

  • Open game settings.
  • Locate the option «Gameplay«
  • Once there you will find an alternative that states «Performance Visualization» You will have to access it to contrast frames per second, latency and lump loss.

In this alternative you will be able to check FPS and PING, and check that everything is properly. Now, as we mentioned at the beginning of the blog post, if in the “Latency” section you notice that the amounts are high, that they exceed one hundred ms, you already have a bit of lag.

For Shooter-type games, it is normal for the PING to be under one hundred ms. In contrast to other games that can still be played with a higher MS than this. Similarly. There is a way to check if your PING is suitable for playing outside of Apex Legends. This is ideal for people who play on PS4, and want to check that the internet is perfect for gaming. For this we must use a PC and carry out the following steps:

  • Open Command Prompt or console commands.
  • Write the next command: ping eighty-eight -t
  • Give the ENTER key and you will begin to appreciate infinite real-time response from the MS.

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