How to View Opponents in PubG Mobile

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En PUBG Mobile it is normal not to know where the opponent players are from the perfect Battle Royale mode. This is due to the enormous difficulty of the maps, full of mountains, caves, houses and buildings. However, in this article we are going to show you how to see the opponents in PUBG Mobile, next to certain tips that can help you see the precise site where they are.

First, we invite you to use hearing aids. The reasons are multiple, but in general, this will let you know the direction in which the rest of the players are, allowing you to play three steps ahead of them. 

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How to View Opponents in PubG Mobile

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There are three genres of sound that are emitted by PUBG Mobile players. These are gunshots, footsteps and silenced shots. You may notice that they all leave a warning on the minimap on your screen. 

If you notice footsteps, it is best that you have headphones on and that they are in the right place, that is, that they are not inverted. Footstep sounds are updated from time to time, even if the player continues to hear them. The minimap serves to give you orientation, but what will really tell you its location is your ear. As you will see, PUBG Mobile sends footstep sounds depending on the opponent's location, so you can take advantage of this. 

Now let's talk about the opponents who shoot. Although on the minimap this appears as a rounded area, it is only enough to look directly at the center of it to be able to see the opponents. Remember that you are just as capable of seeing them as they are of you, so try to do this when the shots are not directed at you.

Finally, silencers are not that useful in the game, since as in the previous case, the shots come from the point in the middle of the indicated area. As this is much larger, it is quite difficult to notice, but seeing a bit from coverage will make you realize where the rest of the players are.

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