How to View my Stats in PubG Mobile

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If you are a regular player of PUBG Mobile, you may have noticed that it is quite difficult to access your stats, to be able to see your kd, distance traveled, etc. If you have certain doubts, then we are going to show you how to see your statistics in PUBG Mobile. This is something that many people ask themselves and it is a question that we will solve today. The game has an alternative itself that lets you know your statistics in great detail. 

PUBG Mobile It is a game that you can spend hours on without any problem. The game is not only addictive, but also quite enjoyable. The matchmaking system is well done enough to put you in your games with people of your level. Not so bad that they look like bots, and not so good that you can't beat them.

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How to View My Stats in PubG Mobile

How to view your stats in PuBG Mobile

Based on this, we can say that it challenges you to prosper little by little depending on your level. If you want to see your statistics in PUBG Mobile, you must follow a series of steps that will take you to a panel where you can view each and every one of them. 

First, go to the main menu. Here you can see your character in the center, and you have a range of options that take you to each and every place in the game. There is the inventory button, workshop, etc...

Once inside, head up and to the left, where your profile picture is. Click here and you will access each and every one of the peculiarities of your career as a player. Here you will access the second tab on the right, where it states statistics. Now you will access a panel where you will find all the information of your games. You can now see how many games you've played, wins, top one times, eliminations and your kd. You can also see more precise data, such as the damage you have done and the distance traveled. 

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