How to View Merit in PubG Mobile

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Merit in PUBG is a number that measures how good a player you are. To increase it, you simply need to do good things that are contained among the good practices in the game. If you consider that this value has altered, today you can learn how to see the merit in PUBG Mobile. Toxicity in console games is a serious issue that quite a few gamers have complained about over the years. It is thought that the larger the team, the more likely the game will turn into insults or unwanted practices when they are losing. Examples of this are games like LoL or Valorant. 

PUBG Mobile is another game affected by this phenomenon. In recent times the number of insults, hacks and actions that in one way or another do not favor the game have increased. For this, the developers have created merit, which is the way to measure which players are good and which are not. 

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How to View Merit in PubG Mobile

How to View Merit in PubG Mobile

Now, if you want to see the merit in PUBG Mobile, then we are going to show you the procedure to do it. First, enter the game and go to the lobby, from the main login menu. 

Now access your profile, pressing the photograph located in the upper left corner. Here you will see a summary flavor of your player history, with your kd and other statistics. Now, you are going to click on Level Summary, and you will be able to see in this section your progress in the perfect ranked mode, apart from your merit score. 

We advise you to maintain this value always and in all circumstances above one hundred. This will make you among the best behaved players, and PUBG Mobile will send gifts to your mail at rare times for "having a high merit". Finally, remember that this is not only for the rewards, but rather to make the game that we like so much more attractive, from the interaction with other players, to the development in fair matches, without any kind of hacks. 

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