How to View FPS in PubG Mobile

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If the game is going badly or you feel like it freezes sometimes, then you must have a problem with the distribution of resources on your phone. If this happens to you, then we are going to show you how to see the FPS in PUBG Mobile, in addition to this in a way to improve them. At the conclusion of this article, you will be able to see the ping and FPS in PUBG Mobile, to determine what you are going to do to fix the error. 

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How to View FPS in PubG Mobile

How to see the FPS of the game in PubG Mobile

FPS is the rate of frames per second that appear on your screen. IF the game freezes from time to time, it is because this value has dropped. This is usually not due to glitches with the internet, but rather with the processing of the data on your phone.

On the other hand, ping is the delay that devices have when producing and receiving information from servers. This value can never be equal to zero, due to the fact that no server or any kind of connection is capable of getting the information to arrive immediately. An admissible value is under one hundred, but ideally it should be equal to 10ms. 

IF you want to see the FPS in PUBG Mobile, you will need to download an external application. In previous updates this could be seen, just like ping. However, the developers have removed this alternative. 

The application is called Display Checker, and it is used to see the performance of your phone's processors. If you already use the application, then the frame rate per second must be equal to the maximum that your phone accepts. In certain cases it is sixty, but there are phones with a capacity of 120fps. 

If your game is slow, or your FPS suddenly drops, the only solution is to have your phone dedicate its components to running the game. This is achieved by activating the perfect do not disturb mode, and closing each and every one of the applications that you use. 

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