How to View Ads on Coin Master

How to View Ads on Coin Master

Sometimes the ads in the applications or on social networks tend to be somewhat impertinent. Considerably more in games, especially when they interrupt a good moment, or make you wait to continue playing. But in Coin Master, this is different, due to the fact that watching ads can leave you with quite useful rewards. Consequently, players try to see how to see ads in Coin Master, and thus be able to receive spins or coins, excellent for advancing the game.

Some ads are a bit invasive, but a good reward is worth it. So learn how to view ads on Coin Master and enjoy your rewards.

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How to View Ads on Coin Master

How to view ads on Coin Master

To view ads on Coin Master and earn amazing rewards you must follow these instructions:

  • Enter Coin Master and go to the Village section
  • Select the coins that appear at the bottom right of the screen
  • There you will find the promotional announcements. You must see these ads for the time established by Coin Master, without locking the screen of your device and without closing the application. When the ad ends, a letter X will appear to close it
  • Wait a few minutes, and you will see an increase of coins in your account. You can watch other videos, and receive even more coins
  • Go to the top right of the screen and choose the Store option
  • Press the Coins button and look for the Free option that is in the lower part. This leaves you the ads for a certain time, and thus earn fifty and one hundred thousand coins

Coin Master does not set a limit of videos to watch. It only requires you to see them over a specific period of time, until the moment when it no longer has any more ads to show you. In this way you will be able to perceive the rewards.

There is no doubt that Coin Master knows how to take advantage of every opportunity it has, so that its users remain entertained, and reward their time. Actually, if you want to receive more prizes, you can find them on Coin Master's social networks, you just have to follow them. In their social networks you will find publications with links to prizes and contests that allow you to win new resources in just minutes.

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