How to Use Weapons in the PubG Mobile Lobby

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If you want to look good and get the attention of the people you'll be playing with, having a gun in the lobby can help. In this article we are going to show you the steps you must follow to know how to use weapons in the Lobby of PUBG Mobile. Although it is an easy process, having the means to comply with it is somewhat complicated. The only essential requirement is to have a skinned weapon.

You may have earned one permanently, or you may have been given one as a reward and have it temporarily. Either way is valid. The only drawback here is that you cannot use the weapon you want, but only those that you have adapted. That said, all you have to do is access your inventory.

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How to Use Weapons in PubG Mobile Lobby

How to Use Weapons in PubG Mobile Lobby

In this section you can see all the clothes you have, such as gestures, cars, and even weapons. You need to access this section. Now choose one by one until you find a weapon that has an adapted skin. Sometimes the ones you get permanently are the pistols. You probably need to review there first.

Now that you've got your weapon geared up, just tap on it until it's surrounded by a yellow box that means you've geared it up. This signals that you are ready to wield a weapon in the PUBG Mobile Lobby. Start your game and you will be able to shoot the rest of the people in the lobby. Have fun puncturing the tires of those who get into the cars that are there. Or better show off your skin by shooting whoever approaches you.

In short, to have a weapon in the PUBG lobby you need a weapon with its skin. To do this, you must acquire it or earn it, more preferably earn it. Now you just have to equip it from your inventory and enter a game to appear in the lobby and be able to use it. 

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