How to Use the Premium Box Coupon in PubG Mobile

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Gifts are quite common in PUBG, believe it or not. It is not a secret that most of the aspects that you can find are paid, but they take care to make sure that the gifts are not lacking. In this sense, you can get box coupons in the game, which you can exchange for their respective prize. Although they do not abound, it is good that you know how to use the Premium box coupon in PUBG Mobile. This will let you claim your prize, as long as you access the indicated panel. In the article we will talk about it.

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How to Use the Premium Box Coupon in PubG Mobile

How to Use the Premium Box Coupon in PubG Mobile

First of all, PUBG Mobile is never going to give you the coupon like that. First you need to collect each and every one of the pieces. The requirement to have one, is to unite one piece and put it together. You can get them by completing missions, winning matches, and leveling up the Royale Pass. If you finish resuming the game, you can trade old pieces for new ones. There are two new ones for each piece of previous seasons in your inventory, so you can receive double boxes for your past sacrifice. 

To use Premium Crate Vouchers in PUBG Mobile, and generally any other crate, the initial step you need to take is to access your inventory from the main menu. Now enter the tab of consumables, shaped like a box and press the pieces. Now, tap on the match button to create a coupon, which you will then choose to press the option to use. To finish, choose their respective box, and exchange the coupon. 

Don't be surprised if the game doesn't give you unusual rewards. It is very normal that, if it has not registered a payment made by you, it increases the chances of receiving the worst advantages it contains. Focus on collecting as many coupons, until you occasionally get a Premium skin.

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