How to Use the Flare Gun in PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile It has a very small set of weapons, among which is the flare gun. If you still don't know, today we are going to show you how to use the flare gun of PUBG Mobile.

The flare gun has only one function, and that is to call a cargo plane with a box. The things it brings depend on the player's fortune, since it can be anything from weapons to an armored car. The weapons are the same as the normal box, with the only difference being that you choose where it falls.

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How to Use the Flare Gun in PubG Mobile

How to Use the Flare Gun in PubG Mobile

While it is rare to get a flare gun in PUBG Mobile, it is good to know how to use it. You could pinpoint this information one day. All you have to do is point it at the sky with this in your hand and press the fire button. Then, it will fire and emit a perceptible light from anywhere on the map. 

This can attract a lot of players, so try to use it in a place where you have a view of each and every place on the map. Never use it in a forest. But above all, never fire a flare gun at Pochinki. Also, do not fire the flare gun when the circle is closing and there is little game time left. For example, if there are less than two people left, you should never use it. This is like saying “Come kill me”.

The best time to use it is early in the game, when everyone is far enough apart to know you won't be eliminated five seconds after using it. Finally, in each and every way, you must prepare to battle for your box. In general, absolutely no one attends, but whoever is nearby will try to get the loot, so try above all things to have extra weapons and bullets, in case a box thief comes. 

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