How to Use Paint in PubG Mobile

If you have enough materials to start making custom weapons, and would like to learn the process, today we're going to show you how to use paint on PUBG Mobilee to change to the skin of your weapons and create suppression effects. 

The developers of PUBG Mobile they never stop creating content for enthusiasts. They continually introduce new features, items, and rewards to the game. One of these is paint and customization materials, which allow you to change the look of weapons to something more elaborate than a skin. 

In this sense, it is possible that certain players do not know how to handle certain functions. That is why today we are going to give ourselves the task of explaining the use of these functionalities. 

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How to Use Paint in PubG Mobile

How to Use Paint in PubG Mobile

Assuming you already have paint, you should skip to the next section of the article, where we explain how to use it. We are going to explain how to achieve it. Although you can easily get this resource by accessing the Premium version with a subscription, you only need to complete certain missions to get some paint. 

To use it and change the style of your weapons, you must first access your inventory. Look for the paint option, which should look like a spray can. Now that you found it, press the use button and follow the instructions. 

You will now be taken to the lab, where you can select from different weapons that have a free set of skins. You can also use paints to achieve suppression effects with weapons. These are going to make the boxes that the opponents leave look different and not just like a pile of wood. 

To change this look you need more than paint. Metal parts are also required which you can get by purchasing from the in-game store. Once you have the materials complete, just hit the cast button and you're going to have a kill animation for each and every player your weapons touch. 

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