How To Use GFX Tool PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile can be quite difficult to run for devices that are not mid-range or high-end. For this reason, independent research has created GFX Tool, which allows us to optimize the data that PUBG Mobile consumes, so that it can run minimally well on any device. Today we are going to show you how to use GFX Tool in PUBG Mobilee.

The game in question stands out for having a lot of customizable aspects when it comes to graphics. You can select the shadows, the resolution and number of pixels on the screen, and even the type of graphics you want. However, setting this up for yourself can only be a bit inconvenient. Generally, people don't know the capabilities of their phone, and that's why GFX Tool is created, which finds the best settings for your Android phone. 

You can download it from the Google Play Store without inconvenience. This is a secure app that only edits PUBG Mobile data. It does not save or send them, so stop worrying. 

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How to Use GFX Tool PubG Mobile

How to Use GFX Tool PubG Mobile

Now that you have downloaded the application, you can access the control panel of the exact same. In contrast to PUBG, it offers a description of the options it has, so that you can configure it to your liking. Simply focus on reading the things he asks to change. Although we invite you to leave everything as low as possible. The app lets you edit shaders, resolution, graphics style and offers an alternative to perceive the most convenient settings for your device. 

In order to prioritize the continuity of your game, without drops in fps, we invite you to leave all the graphic aspect as low as possible, while remaining realistic. The only thing you should never disable is shadows. These can help you in certain cases to notice opponents, apart from being valid to improve your quality of play, even if you have all the visual aspect in the lowest possible configuration. 

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