How to Use BP in PubG Mobile

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BP is a kind of currency that you can earn in the game and that is exchanged for certain rewards. Here we are going to show you the functionalities that it has, the things that you can acquire, and in general, how to use bp in PUBG Mobile. As you may know, this is a currency that you can use in the game to purchase boxes. However, its uses are quite limited when you are not a Premium user. 

PUBG Mobile It has a kind of Premium subscription, apart from the Royale Pass, which allows you to have better rewards, apart from better skins and more customizable aspects. This is something paid, so it will surely be difficult for you to access. 

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How to Use BP in PubG Mobile

How to Use BP in PubG Mobile

However, you can buy skins for weapons, clothes and much more with BP, from the PUBG Mobile store when you access the multiples tab. Although they are somewhat expensive things. Keep in mind that if you have a good time playing, you will not have many things to spend your BP on, so the saving process will be easier for you.

You can also buy supply boxes, but these have limited rewards, and once you get them all, you have no choice but to settle.

In short, the BP of PUBG Mobile it is used to acquire aspects when you are a Premium user, apart from serving as a payment procedure when purchasing boxes. When you are this kind of user, or you have been playing for a long time, it becomes easy for you to save for things that can only be bought with this currency, since, over time, you stop using it to buy things.

Finally, we invite you to try buying the Royale Pass as a kind of experiment to determine if it is worth paying for the game. If this is just a hobby, it may be worth it, and it may not be. But if you are a fairly recurring player, then it will be in your favor to invest some money in the game. 

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