How to use and where to find Geoculus in Genshin Impact

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During the adventure through Teyvat, all travelers in Genshin Impact are looking for ways to expand their potential in the game by finding different weapons and artifacts, as well as completing certain missions and achievements that require finding items of collection.

One of them surrounds the Statues of the Seven, which represent each of the Archons who watch over the good of each nation of Teyvat, so to improve their power it is necessary to collect objects that represent the elements available in the game.

In the case of the Liyue region, we will find the Geoculus, which can be identified by its amber color and its fragmented appearance which makes it look like a floating gem. Let's take a look at what they are for, as well as how you can find them 473ur de Teyvat.

Where to find Geoculus in Genshin Impact

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Geoculi are collectibles that can be offered as an offering to one of the Seven Statues found in the Liyue region. These Geoculus will help you in your adventure in the game, because with a certain amount that you collect, you will be able to improve your stamina statistics, and you will also receive certain rewards.

Within Genshin Impact there are a total of 131 Geoculus, but many of them will not be so easy to find because they will require some skill, in addition to your good vision and ingenuity.

Below we will share a full map with the location of each of the 131 Geoculus:

(Photo : miHoYo)

These Geoculus can be found in different ways, some will be with the naked eye on a tree, a rock, or under a bridge, while others may be more difficult to access since they will be floating above mountains, in the sky of Teyvat, or even hidden behind a barrier, a challenge or a riddle that you will have to solve.

Since finding them on your own without any idea can be too difficult, we will share this guide courtesy of KyoStinV, in which you can find the ways to get each of them.

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Regarding the rewards we mentioned above, each level of the Statues of the Seven will require a certain specific amount of Geoculus, so when you deliver them as an offering, you will receive both Protogems and Mora, as well as upgrade materials and finally Adventurer EXP , which will be vital for you to continue advancing in the game's story as well as to access exclusive events from time to time.

If you're having trouble finding the Geoculus at any point in the game, you can also use the Resonance Stones, which are artifacts you can craft in any alchemy table, and make 473ur exploration easier. of the map by inspecting the area where you want to use them. To craft these consumables, you'll need five Cor Lapis, five Glaze Lilies, and a Crystal Chunk.

(Photo : miHoYo)

So while collecting each of the 131 Geoculus might seem like too much of a task, if you're a fairly experienced player or really want to progress through Genshin Impact, it'll be worth all the effort you put into it.

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