How to Upload the KD in PubG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile measures certain indicators that let you know how good a player is. One of them is the kd, which we are going to explain to you what works now. Today you are going to learn how to upload the KD in PUBG Mobile. The KD of PUBG Mobile represents the death-eliminations ratio. It's simply the number of eliminations you make each time you appear in the arena. This is the average number of players you kill every time you start a new game. 

Most people have this value under one but the ideal is that it is above. This means that you kill more times than you die. 

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How to Upload the KD in PubG Mobile

How to Upload the KD in PubG Mobile

To raise it all you need is to remove at least two people in each and every game you play. This can be achieved easily with a single trick. On average, two people stay AFK when they start a match if you connect to the Latin American servers.

The process is quite easy. The AFK people are going to stay on the plane until it finishes its run, and all you have to do is drop in with those who are left. Next, if you're near a building, find a weapon in case one resumes the connection. 

This is a fairly effective procedure, but you must prepare for reconnection. Sometimes players get connected again and can even pretend they are also AFK to play dirty to whoever tries to do this maneuver. For this reason, we always and in all circumstances advise looking for a weapon. Even if it's a simple pistol it's going to give you an edge over someone attacking with fists. 

And this is how you upload the PUBG Mobile KD. If you want to try to do this by removing more players per game, that's fine. However, we do not invite you to this alternative because it is not as safe as what we are telling you in the article.

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