How to Update Toca Life World in Happymod

Fever Toca life world stays active. Lovers of the game enjoy the enormous diversity of material that it offers, and that in addition to this they are continually updating. This time, in gift trick we are going to show you the proper way to update Toca life world using Happymod. We recommend you continue the steps we left now.

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How to Update Toca Life World in Happymod

How to Update Toca Life World in Happymod

In order to update to the latest version of Toca Life World we must carry out the following steps:

  • Within the "Happymod" application we go to the "check for updates" option with this we verify if Happymod is in its latest update (required).
  • Then, we choose the search engine and write “Toca life world".
  • It will take a moment to load. So, we look at the latest update and head over to the Google Play Store.
  • Once there we try “Toca Life World” we examine the version that appears to us, that is, it finishes it off, and we equate it with the one we have in “happymod”. If these coincide, then you will be able to play the latest version of the game released.

Otherwise, if these versions are different, what we must do is the following:

  • We went to the versions section of “Toca life world” in “Happymod” in it we choose the most recent and press the install button.
  • We wait for it to be installed, we grant permissions, we allow it to install the new version and ready “Toca Life World” updated in “Happymod”.
  • Be careful, it is necessary to have an old version that is required to be able to carry out said procedure.

If you still can't updateToca life world” is because they have not yet integrated the update to the platform and you have to wait for them to load it, they will ask, what happened to my account? No need to worry “Happymod” is not late in integrating the new version when it is officially released, later they are usually released in a period of two to four days.

Another alternative option that you can carry out is to go to your mobile browser, eg Google Chrome and search for “Toca Life World” with the word (MOD) including the digits of the latest version (Google Play Store version). When searching, we open the link that seems most recommended and install. It can be noted that these sites are not trustworthy, damaged or corrupt files containing viruses may come.

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