How to Unlock the Entire Planet in Toca Life World

"Toca life world” has a huge amount of places, clothes, characters, houses, pets, avatars and much more, so you can play with everything unlocked. Each thing must be purchased in the store separately or in packages. It should be clarified that for each new update it means new and more things in the game.

We have the possibility of getting these things for gifts or rewards or beginning of the session, as a general rule these are clothes or objects. How can we see if we have a gift or a reward? Simply entering the game of “Toca life world” next to the play icon we can see if we have something new or a prize for starting the session.

Within our planet we go to the post office in Jaleo city, in the office a golden button appears, we press said button, and in the transport band we will be able to see if we have a gift. If so, it will move and we will be able to see our gift in the middle of the office and just by touching it we will get it.

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How to Unlock the Entire Planet in Toca Life World

How to Unlock the Entire Planet in Toca Life World

To get the different objects you have “Toca life world» Is there another way to get them? The only way to get them is to buy them in the store, they usually have good prices and most of the time they are always on sale. Besides, if you have already bought different things, they are deducted from the packages and you tend to achieve a much better cost than those assigned, including that you will not have to pay a couple of times for exactly the same object inside or outside the package.

And therefore, it is never necessary to emphasize that you must have your payment procedure updated in the play store to be able to acquire things in "Toca Life World" without complications, bearing in mind the full authorization of your parents to be able to make purchases and be able to enjoy to the limit of the game.

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