How to Unlink Mail from PubG Mobile

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 PubG Mobile is a game that allows you to create an account in different ways, from the use of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, to emails with which you have linked your account to Google Play Games, Hotmail, and other types of sites with which we can have an email. Registering and opening an account in PubG Mobile is very simple, you just have to follow the respective steps to link your account with the personal information in your email, all the information you enter in the PUBG Mobile it is protected and handled confidentially, so your personal data is completely safe.

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How to Unlink PubG Mobile Mail

How to Unlink PubG Mobile Mail

There are many users who, after linking their email to PubG Mobile They regret it, since they use it for personal activities such as work or school, and by linking your email with the game you receive notifications of each and every one of the news of the game in it, which becomes complicated for certain users. In this article we are going to show you how to unlink a personal email such as Hotmail or the Google Play Games account from PubG Mobile.

You must bear in mind that when linking your PubG Mobile account with an email to be able to unlink it, at least two days must pass, the Tencent Games company sets these periods of time to maintain control of each and every one of the accounts, and ensure that not be a person who is trying to steal your account. To be able to unlink an email you must log in to the account registered with the email, at the moment you are in the main lobby you must go to the main settings of the game, and go to the account settlement, there the different options will appear to link or unlink your account, because you can have more than two emails linked to a single email account. PubG Moneven.

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