How to Unlink a Gmail Account from PubG Mobile 

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PubG Mobile is a game in which you can have a plurality of registered accounts, because it has countless registered zones around the world, and you can have the experience of playing in each and every one of them with different accounts, just like Content authors do it to bring information from the level of each and every one of the communities to their followers. In such a case, the Gmail account is a way to have your account more protected than with other systems, this kind of email has a very good encryption system. This lets you know from where they connect to your Gmail account, and the device that is trying to connect, creating a Gmail account is very simple, you could even do it with a phone number, Gmail is a worldwide trend and it is the platform of emails more employees.

In case you no longer want to have your account linked to Gmail in the game, you can carry out a process similar to that of other emails to unlink it, in this article we will explain how you can unlink a Gmail account from PUBG Mobile

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How to Unlink a Gmail Account from PubG Mobile 

How to Unlink a Gmail Account from PubG Mobile 

To unlink your Gmail you have two options, the first is through the game, log in with your Gmail account in PubG Mobile, and after the first two respective days you will be able to go to the main configuration of the game, in the submenu of account settlements, each one of the emails and social networks with which you have linked your PubG Mobile account will appear, there you will be able to press the option to unlink your Gmail.

In the event that you encounter a bug in the game, you can report it to the service's customer service to send a written message to the Tencent Games company. In addition to this, in your email by opening it in Google you can select if you need to unlink PubG Mobile, and thus you would break links externally to the game.

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