How to transfer Apex Legends from Origin to Steam

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Apex Legends is a game that is free for different gaming platforms, the Respawn Entertainment company has significantly expanded this incredible game worldwide, with millions of downloads and an exaggeratedly competitive community. Apex Legends on PC began to be played from the origin platform, which was developed by Electronics Arts, one of the companies that cooperated with the optimization of the game on consoles.

Without a doubt, the origin works really well, but a considerably newer and updated game store for pc called Steam has emerged, in which Apex Legends is also free. For this reason, if you are looking for a way to to pass the Apex Legends from Origin to the Steam store, you are in the right place, in this article we are going to explain in detail how you can do it. 

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How to transfer Apex Legends from Origin to Steam

How to transfer Apex Legends from Origin to Steam

The first thing you should do is have the game updated to its latest version, Apex Legends It is a game that always sustains itself by creating and this is going to be necessary in order to be compatible with the other platform. In addition to this, you will need to change the name of the game folder, so that Steam does not notice that it is a version that comes from another platform such as origin. You install the folder that you took from the origin through Steam, which will automatically discover that they are files of a game that appears in its store, scan them and let you play Apex Legends in a matter of seconds, an absolutely easy procedure that can be done by any user. user without affecting your PC. 

It may be that at another moment more ways of being able to play the game will appear. Apex Legends on PC apart from Steam and Origin, so it will be possible to change the platform game each and every time it is necessary. Try this magnificent shooter on both Steam and Origin to see which gaming platform you feel most comfortable with and how you stay.

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