How to Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master

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Do you know how to exchange golden cards in Coin Master? Well, you can only do this during singular events. In each and every gold card trading event, you will be allowed to trade two specific gold cards.

Regardless of the level or village you are in Coin Master, filling card compilations is a matter of luck. Exchanging golden cards in Coin Master is a great option to fill the card sets and get excellent rewards.

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How to Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master

How to Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master

The first thing you should estimate is that the golden cards are the most sought after by players, for this reason they are not exchanged so easily. Therefore, it is necessary to await a singular event. However, the developers are the ones who decide which gold card you can receive and which specific gold cards you must have to make the exchange.

Generally, the letters that are exchanged are those that you cannot easily find in the chests that you acquire in the villages. You get these cards more frequently as a reward for each completed mission. Here you will find some tips to get the golden cards to exchange them in Coin Master.

Tips for trading gold cards in Coin Master

As you already know, to exchange gold cards in Coin Master, you need to have certain specific cards, which may be quite difficult to find. Follow these useful tips and you will have a better chance of getting them:

  • Save coins, these are invaluable to advance in the game, and more in the case of golden cards. Thanks to the game money, you can purchase golden chests and magic chests, where you can locate golden cards.
  • Keep an eye out for events that let you get gold cards as rewards, such as Viking Quest and Set Blast for example. In both events, you will find rewards and fantastic prizes.
  • Stay in the villages for a while, this will allow you to get gold cards in Coin Master.

Get enough gold cards, and keep an eye out for trading events of the exact same ones. You can request or offer gold cards through official Coin Master sets on Facebook. You can access the following link to belong to an official set.

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