How to Thrive in Apex Legends Xbox One

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Xbox One is one of the most prestigious consoles in the world today, on this platform the game is also free. Apex Legends, sometimes certain users do not feel very comfortable playing this genre of shooting games from a controller, so in this article we are going to explain how to prosper in Apex Legends from this console, so that you can test all your level of play.

How to Thrive in Apex Legends Xbox One

How to Progress in Apex Legends Xbox One

Apex Legends It is a game that requires a lot of practice, perseverance and multiple hours of play to be able to be at the top of the ranking, although the purpose is to prosper, we all want to use the techniques learned to be recognized by the entire community. One of the biggest drawbacks of users who are dedicated to playing Apex Legends from Xbox One is aiming, because it is more difficult for them to prosper in this aspect of the game compared to those who enjoy this battle royale with mouse and keyboard from a PC.

Without a doubt, playing from a PC is considerably more comfortable, but it does not mean that we cannot progress our techniques with a controller, the only thing that is required is that we enter the shooting range to practice, because this will help us to Get to know weapons and their basics much better, such as recoil and rate of fire. 

In addition, it is of the utmost importance that we learn to move on the map, the two joysticks of our Xbox One controller are the most essential part and at the same time quite difficult to handle, so we must put a lot of interest in the game to supervise the left joystick to move and the right to move the camera and direct our character. 

With these two essential aspects we are going to greatly improve our style in Apex Legends, the rest will be in a matter of entering the hot zones of the map and fighting a lot, to be able to see each other in different situations on the battlefield and to be able to hold experience. 

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