How to Stream PubG Mobile on Twitch

Streaming and the world of live broadcasts have proliferated quite a bit in recent years. In this sense, you may want to join the wave of new streamers hoping to become renowned. Today we are going to show you the first steps you must take to transmit PUBG Mobile on Twitch. The platform is eminently to run on computers, and by configuring a set that records the screen of your phone with a camera that records you, you can create quality content. However, we are going to show you the basics of streaming on social networks. 

You only need a mobile. Then you can improve the quality of your streams by buying new equipment, but at the moment you don't need more than a cell phone.

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How to Stream PubG Mobile on Twitch

How to Stream PubG Mobile on Twitch

First you need to download Omlet Arcade. It is an application whose sole purpose is to serve as a screen recorder for transmission on social networks. With it you can host your streaming on twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Download it from the Google Play Store and when the process is complete, log in to create your personal account. Now you only have to access the accounts from which you want to start your transmissions. In such a case, log in to Twitch from the platform. 

Now press the red button with a plus sign that is in the horizontal bar of options. This will take you to your video settings on Twitch, where you can decide whether or not you want the phone to record your face. In addition to this, you can select the audio input that you are going to have, if the microphone of your phone or the internal sound that emits exactly the same from the applications. We invite you to always and at all times record the audio of applications. 

We advise you to first try multiple streams on the platform, with an extra phone to monitor it and see how it goes. When you decide on the style you're going to have, launch your stream face Twitch and become known.

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