How to Stream PubG Mobile on Facebook

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The planet of streaming on social networks is increasingly practiced by people, and the number of streamers is greater. Therefore, if you want to know how to transmit PUBG Mobile on Facebook, read this article and learn how to produce your games for your audience. 

On computers it becomes quite simple to do this. Twitch is one of the platforms that even allows you to put a code that builds a database with your audience, and even customize the transitions. In addition to this, you can have your design in the stream. As we are now going to work with mobile phones, the capabilities will be limited and the stream will be quite basic. However, this will serve as a way to learn about this planet and the content that is generated. 

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How to Stream PubG Mobile on Facebook

How to Stream PubG Mobile on Facebook

This time we are going to focus on the Omlet Arcade application. This is created eminently to record screens and transmit them through social networks. It also works for YouTube and Twitch. You must first download it through the Google Play Store, of course. After entering your login details, you will need to link the accounts you wish to live stream through. 

Now you need to press the + button in the middle of the screen and configure your stream. You'll tell the app if you want it to record audio from the phone or from the device's external microphone, as well as whether or not you want a camera. To test, we invite you to first stream through the exact same application. This will let you monitor everything and see what kind of settings you like the most. 

Finally, if you want to have a good audience, we invite you to do the following:

Share your streams in PUBG-themed Facebook bundles. Most of the Facebook live streams are not displayed in the sets. It also offers something, like educating throughout the stream on how to do a trick in the game. Finally, interact with your viewers. They see you for the fact that they expect to have a good time. It makes sense that this relationship would be the exact same face on the other side. 

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