How to Sprint in Apex Legends 

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En Apex Legends It is necessary to learn to manage basic aspects of the game to be able to move faster, the island of Battle Royale mode is very large and we must move quickly to find better loot than our opponents. In the article, we will explain in detail how to sprint.

The sprint move is one of the most effective skills in shooting games, the one that will let you traverse the entire map in no time. Achieving the best loot is essential to locate the best equipment, weapons, and precise medical equipment to fight against any of the users who are on the island. In addition to this, it is possible that sprinting will save your life more than once, moving between the buildings in the game when the opponents are in a numerical advantage.

In this renowned game, your movement has to be effective while the area shrinks in order to opt for being one of the last survivors. Apart from running and basic buttons, we can have zip lines and jump towers that will help us move faster from one side of the map to another. 

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How to Sprint in Apex Legends 

How to Sprint in Apex Legends 

You can configure the sprint button to your preference, it usually appears as the LSHIFT key when playing on PC. In the event that you are not comfortable with this key, you can alter it in the main user settings where you are playing the game. Apex Legends (in a case like Origin or Steam).

We advise you to study each of the cities that appear on the map of Apex Legends, so that you can roam faster between them and know where the best loot in each of the areas is. Join Apex Legends and employ any and all recommendations to sprint like a pro player, transitions in any battle royale game are essential. 

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