How to spend coins in PubG Mobile 

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Coins are our tool in the game to be able to exchange it for material that will be really useful to us, such as weapon skins, costumes, accessories and boxes that will provide us with more rewards so that we can advance faster than other users of the area. The game features three kinds of coins, the UC, BP 鈥嬧媋nd Silver Shard coins. In the article we are going to explain how you can spend each of the free coins in the PUBG Mobile

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How to spend coins in PubG Mobile 

How to spend coins in PubG Mobile 

UC are the exchange currency Premium in PubG Mobile, in order to achieve them we must invest real money in the game, so with it you will be able to find the best rewards in this shooting game. You can spend the UC coins on different benefits such as subscriptions or the Elite Pass Royale, apart from being able to exchange them for any prime item in the store. Also with the UC you can acquire exclusive weapon skins and costumes that appear only in the current season. 

The BP (Battle Points) They are coins that we can achieve through our performance in the game, the more time, perseverance and number of games we can put into PubG Mobile, the greater the number of Battle Points that we will be able to achieve. The Battle Points can be spent on very simple clothes that we will find in the main store of the game, accessories for the frame of your profile and boxes of the welder. In addition to this, you can spend them to effect the creation of a clan.

Silver shards is a separate currency, the one that works when we put them together, that is, you can spend your silver shards to create common boxes or Premium boxes, which will bring you a bundle of surprise rewards. 

Join the PubG Mobile and collect each and every one of the coins possible, so that you spend them to prosper your avatar and the aesthetic details of your profile. 

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