How to Spend BP in PubG Mobile

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When you survive each and every match of PubG Mobile, you will be rewarded with in-game money or coins which will help you to achieve time-exclusive rewards and benefits. Each and every coin reward is based on how long you lived, the number of opponents you managed to kill, the daily and weekly missions you completed, the damage done per match and actively logging in. All this dedication will reward you with BP coins (Battle Coins) that you will be able to use in the game. Many players of PUBG Mobile Have you ever wondered how can I spend them? Since here we bring you the solution. 

BP coins are extremely essential to survive, as we advance in level it is essential to improve the level of our character, the clothes he wears, and the weapon skins that we can achieve to command respect in the game. BP coins are used to acquire really useful things that we will be able to use during our adventure, regardless of the rank in which we are located. 

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How to Spend BP in PubG Mobile

How to Spend BP in PubG Mobile

BP coins can be spent on silver fragments, which are essential to fill items in the store. For this you must enter the game store, on the right side of the screen you will find different options such as the creation of boxes, both common and Premium, catalogs of accessories that are free for BP coins, and products that you will be able to acquire through the silver shards. 

The boxes are extremely essential to get different rewards in PubG Mobile, so it is essential that you have the BP coins, exchange them for silver fragments, and with these fragments you can fill very useful boxes, you may run with the fortune to get super exclusive items. Do not delay in visiting the store, always try to support your character with the best tools in PubG Mobile.

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